Budget Brews 2: Three More Oathbreakers for $50

Grand Prix (or, I guess, Magicfest) Phoenix is right around the corner, and you can play Oathbreaker there! But what if you don’t have a deck–or want one to lend out to get more people to play? Don’t worry, I got you!

These three lists can all be purchased for around $50 (USD) each and have potential to grow if you find that you like Oathbreaker’s style of play:

Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage

List: The Mind Is a Beautiful Thing to Waste

I mean, yeah, you could make new friends at a GP–but… why?

This list is all about dragging everyone to Hellbent territory and keeping them there while your Rack effects slowly ping them to death. Just as heavy as your discard is your removal package, designed to keep creatures and planeswalkers alike from mucking up your plans.

As Signature, Syphon Mind is intended to restock your hand with more removal or discard effects, but there are many others that will work just as well for this archetype: Dark Deal, Vicious Rumors, even Smallpox!

Potential Upgrades:

Ajani, the Greathearted

List: The Lion King

This is the list for those who just can’t wait to be king! In case you haven’t guessed already, this is Cat tribal, pure and simple. Play Cats, buff and swing–that’s really all there is to it! There are a few planeswalkers in here as well, to take advantage of the extra loyalty counters off Ajani’s minus ability.

As Signature, White Sun’s Zenith works to fill the board up with 2/2 Cats, letting you hold back creatures in hand in anticipation of a board wipe, fill the board back up after a board wipe, or prepare your alpha strike to kill whomever has the board wipes.

Potential Upgrades:

Serra the Benevolent

List: Heroes Never Die!

Believe in this deal, not the ideal! For our budget, this Serra deck is quite effective, delivering a fun mix of Angel and lifegain synergies while providing enough interaction to hold your own against faithless, big-budget decks.

As Signature, Unbreakable Formation serves as a budget replacement for Teferi’s Protection, saving your board from a wipe (whether it’s an opponent’s or your own!) and buffing the team up to push through damage while never sacrificing defense. If you want to go super budget, Rootborn Defenses provides a similar effect–while also Populating one of your 4/4 Angels!

Potential Upgrades:


If you’re going to Phoenix this weekend, I hope this article inspired you to try out Oathbreaker! It’s a really cool format with a lot of potential and, as I’ve shown you today, you don’t need to break the bank to break into it!

Thanks for reading and, as always, keep brewin’!

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